All Animals listed herewith for sale were weighed by a weigh master. Rabbits, broilers, ducks, turkeys and goats were weighed at 6:30 PM Tuesday August 30th, 2022. Hogs were weighed Tuesday August 30th, 2022. Steers, Lambs and feeders were weighed Wednesday August 31st 2022 between 8 am and 12:00 Noon.


The Grand Champion will be sold first and the Reserve Champion second. Animals will then be sold in the order they placed in the various weight groups.

All sales are for cash and are bona-fide sales. Buyers who wish to have their animals resold must notify the auctioneer at time of purchase. Proceeds from the re-sale will go to the designated scholarship fund, or another non-profit organization.  The buyer number used for bidding is responsible for payment. Payment for your purchase must be made the day of the sale, unless prior arrangements have been made with the office. 




The 2022 Market Beef, Lamb & Goat Show has been designated as a partial terminal show, which requires at least the Grand & Reserve Champion must be slaughtered. All Animals will be sold. The Swine show is terminal. The Market Poultry and Rabbits will remain terminal, and ALL must be processed accordingly to the specific guidelines. Arrangements should be made at the time of registration for hauling, processing and packaging for storage of all animals by a licensed facility with the following exceptions only. Poultry will be processed by Lehman's Poultry. Rabbits will be processed by Whitetail Deer Processing, and Market Goats will be processed by Rob Horst Packing and Winona Frozen Foods.